Corporate Law

Corporate Law

The firm of Keay & Costello, P.C. has extensive experience in representing corporate clients. The corporate practice focuses on serving the individual and specific needs of each of its business clients. We recognize that all businesses are unique and as such have specific needs for legal representation. As such, we serve our corporate clients by helping them anticipate future legal issues and plan for a response to those issues.

The practice includes assisting in selecting the type of entity under which to operate, whether that be a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or partnership. We work with business owners in the preparation of agreements relative to the formation of the business, including drafting operating agreements, by-laws, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and buy-sell purchase agreements.

Our practice recognizes that representation of a business is a dynamic process which may change and vary as the business grows and expands. Accordingly, we serve our clients by analyzing their current business structure including employment issues, stock sales, assets sales and purchases, obtaining financing and funding for business operations and to dissolution. Understanding our clients’ present business environment and concerns allows us to work as a team member in planning for a successful future.

We assist these clients in addressing all of the issues that they face as corporations, including:

  • Organizational issues, including the filing of the necessary documentation to create a corporation
  • Assisting corporations in taking measures to protect volunteer directors against fiduciary liabilities
  • Assisting with the preparation and filing of documentation to meet the state’s requirements for corporations, including annual reports, articles of incorporation, and amendments
  • General counseling regarding the requirements of Illinois’ corporate laws, such as the need to observe corporate formalities, requirements for valid meetings of a corporation’s board of directors, and the taking of corporate minutes
  • Representation of corporation in employment related matters
  • Bylaw issues, including amendment, interpretation and enforcement

Keay & Costello, P.C is ready to be proactive on your behalf in establishing your business and work with you on employment issues, contractual matters, collections, or other concerns which may result from the operation of a business.