Is your office finding the day-to-day demands of managing property have, in a short period of time, changed dramatically as we all navigate these unique times?  This short-term shift in the demands on our time presents opportunities to address matters for our clients that may not always be high on the priority list, but which are critical to the long-term strength and viability of a community.   Cross checking the association’s delinquent accounts against foreclosure and bankruptcy records in order to determine the collectability of those accounts can be a daunting task.  Fortunately, our firm can help.  We now offer a comprehensive review of an association’s entire delinquency report. 

Our office charges $650.00 for this service, which includes a review of all delinquent accounts against foreclosure and bankruptcy records and a recommendation of options available to the association on each account.  The board can then use our review and recommendations to make informed decisions on how to proceed with each account.  In some situations, an old balance previously viewed as uncollectable might be available through post-judgment collection.  In other situations, a balance must be deemed uncollectable due to a bankruptcy discharge.  Whatever the particular circumstance of each account, the review will give the board the tools it needs to fulfill its obligation to reduce assessment delinquencies and promote the financial stability and creditworthiness of the community.

Let us help you review your community’s accounts. We are here to help you resolve those pesky delinquencies and clean up your accounts receivable. 

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